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I have been doodling and imagining grand adventures for as long as I can remember. Words and images fascinate me and I believe everyone has a story to tell.


Children often act out the most amazing stories through their imagination and play. I love to watch and learn from them as they make sense of the world, from the scary to the magical. They inspire me to continue being the big kid I am already!


In 2007, my passion for cartooning went from doodles and images I'd create to entertain my family and friends, to illustrating children's books. Three books are now in print with my illustrations. The fairy realm, children and most winged things inspire my art. Pop culture, video games and comics also dwell in the inspirational ether.


When I am not dreaming and creating, I can be found soaking up inspiration from my daughter through play. I've also been seen with my nose in a book or graphic novel from time to time, or screaming at an avatar in digital combat.


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