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I have illustrated three children’s books: Joey the Dragon, Sammy Skunk Finds a Friend and A visit from the Tooth Fairy. They are all available for sale either through me or through the links below. When I get a few copies of the book in my studio, I sign the book and add a pencil or pen sketch in the cover. Contact me if you are interested in a copy.


by Joey Hoffer


Joey the Dragon is the happiest dragon in the world, but he is missing one thing: a home. Follow Joey on his adventure as he tries to find himself a home and maybe even a new family as well!


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by Iris Winston


Sammy Skunk is very lonely when he moves to a new part of the forest. His mother tells him to find new friends and says “the way to make a friend is to be a friend.” Sometimes that can be tougher than it seems.


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by Iris Winston


Losing a tooth is the beginning of a special adventure for Neil. In Fairyland with the Tooth Fairy, he meets Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Jack Frost and their friends and neighbours. He is there to help them break the Bad Fairy’s spell. If he succeeds, Fairyland will be strong again and children everywhere will believe in fairies. You do believe in fairies, don’t you?


Indigo-Chapters online

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